more posties

Some more of these cards. I seem to be awful busy lately! But not really!
I have a few good drawings coming up, I promise. <3



Triangle waves are just the best kind of waves.


Chill Party!

Amanda told me to draw an “ice invite”

Tibula Tibula Tibula!

A few months ago, I was waiting for Colleen to finish something at school so I drew this band!
Further explanation after the drawing…

(The joke is that some jerks took some ancient royalty skeletons as they were in their castle (skeletons frozen in time) and put them in front of a live audience at Tito’s Grill.)
(Tito’s Grill may or may not exist!)
Hooray for exposition!


I did a few new things with this one~

Colleen told me to draw a hippie, so I drew two, then three, then they were a band!

The Zils
“♫You’ve never played a taaambourine!
(It’s a Dream)
Not yet ’til now you’ve only thrown it around♪”