Index cards!

I’ve been using these a whole lot lately. They help if you feel like you have to fill up an entire page when you draw on it. I suppose they also help save ink?

About those snack creme cookie sandwich things.


Currently listening to False Priest by of Montreal! The best the best.


Cat + Fireplace!

Let’s do it this way: I’ll stop making promises and you read something that isn’t “I’m sorry for not posting! Gosh, my life!” Okay, good.

The quality of my recent drawings comes as a surprise to me! It feels like I’ve stepped up on a tier of Drawing Ability somehow and now I can do these things without reverting to a scribbly pile of ink. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been observing a lot of webcomic artists’ works and it rubbed off a little?
Am I being pretentious? I don’t mean to be. :s

So here’s that cat:

PS: This drawing isn’t what I’m talking about.

Electric Unicorn!

How’s it going?!
I’m trying to put a new Drawing up every other day, guys, so just hold on okay? :D

My friend Nathan used the Pen Ward (My favorite Guy-I-Don’t-Know-Personally!) trick and told me to a draw and Electric Unicorn, so I drew this old scientist!

I love how dangley, parabolic wires make technology look.
Also, I’m bad at horses so you better not tell me to draw them!