sexC iced tea

For a change of pace, I want to show you this video!
Make sure your mom isn’t there to ask you what it is that you’re watching because you won’t have any sensible answer.

sexC iced tea

Chad is probably the best tea drinker there is. It is apparent that he has trained for many years to become what he is; at least 17 years of training.

I would like to get to know Chad, or maybe not. It depends on his lifestyle outside of Champion Tea Drinkering.

After watching this video 20 times over, I really, really want some tea. And after watching it 30 times, my thirst can only be quenched by The Absolute Sweetest Tea Ever

(Enjoy this drawing of Chad)

EDIT: Everything is ruined shortly after writing this post.
On the same Channel, there is “sexC pickle juice” which ruined Chad for me. Don’t watch it unless you enjoy D: and </3.
(Basically, he ups the Weird and reveals the joke.)