Sorry for not updating AGAIN! I’ve just been lacking any sort of inspiration until very recently.
I will resume frequent updates ASAP, guys, don’t even worry!




As you may not have heard, two weeks ago, a wicked awesome movie hit the underground Film Scene. This little flick called ‘Inception’ is about some cool guys and dreamscapes! (And Ellen Page <3)
But rather than babble on about how totally special and cool Inception was, I want to share an experience so exclusive that only one theatre in the world experienced it!*
This little cricket!
This brave, outspoken insect made noises during the first half of the movie and dared to traverse the big screen towards the last fourth! My girlfriend Amanda(<33) and I were cracking up.

Why, you may ask?
Because there’s another little dude being chased by that avalanche alongside the main characters!!
Threatening gunman?
Ha! He’s riding his hat!

All in all, it was a great experience and I hope you enjoyed imagining it!
And if you want my True Opinion™, I give Inception a 9.7/10 and the Cricket a 9/10! (Nine is pretty good, guys~)

**The scenes depicted of a gunman may or may not be true.