A messy comic from Business Bean Land!
(The shaded region is ignorable doodlings of my friends)

It’s not a lot, but it’s something for now!
I had some interesting dreams that I can draw about, too, and I will.

I’ve been listening to Animal Style’s TRENCHVENT lately! Sooo good.

Rainy Days!

Sometimes I’m really busy and don’t get to post every other day like I want. I have a tiny backlog here so I just need to ficks my schedule or something.
I hope it rains some more.

Happy Sunday, guys

Oftentimes I draw a little diddy on a napkin! More or less inspired by Every Webcomic Artist Ever’s hobby/habit.

The first Napkin Comic is here.


Be prepared to see more from these wacky Business Beans! Whoa-hoa-hoa!!

Chill Party!

Amanda told me to draw an “ice invite”

The Horror!!

I doodled these people Silent Hill Style and I thought I was being cliche but Colleen was sufficiently creeped but she’s a weenie?
I love the survival horror genre in video games and sometimes movies. It’s my Weird Thing About A Nice Guy.
You should also know that my absolute favorite cartoonist is Pen Ward Forever! But that’s apparent.